Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

I had an appointment at 10am this morning to go from blonde to brunette. The appointment was cancelled because the colorist is sick but my very demanding friend inisisted she come in anyway to do our hair since we made the appointment a month ago....
So either the colorist will be there at 2 or perhaps I'll remain blonde for at least another day.
I'm not sure which scenerio I would like to play out.
I've been a blonde my entire life. When I was 19 the color started to come from a bottle.
I don't have any idea why I'm doing this except my friend and I have been talking about it forever and we just dialed the phone a month ago and made the appointment.
I think my main reason is that I don't want to look like a typical South Floridian, white hair, dark tan (usually accompanied by many wrinkles, with the focus being taken off by the large diamonds)....low cut blouse with lots of cleavage, lots of sparkle on every article of clothing and a big designer bag...seriously I hope I didn't offend anyone but go visit Town Square Mall in Boca one day if you don't believe me.
My friend laughs when I say this because I'm white as a ghost, a prude with the way I dress, I own one designer bag, but my rock (my engagement ring) isn't too shabby....hubby did well in that department, so I can kindof fit in without being laughed out of Saks.
It's time for a change. Hubby is excited because he get's to sleep with a brunette and not feel like he's cheating on his wife. Men!!
I have had a lot of fun in my life being blonde, but I'm confident my days of brunette ahead aren't going to be that uneventful~ who knows?


Shadow said...

ha ha, brunette's have a huge amount of fun too. i can personally attent to that. strangely enough, i'm contemplating going light at the moment. been brunette forever (it feels), had a brief stint into red black, but in has a suspicion the next colour coming onto my head will be of the ligther shade... we'll see. whatever you decide to do, i hope you'll love it!

Indigo said...

If your light skinned the Brunette will bring your facial features out more. I did a year with very short almost buzzed cut short hair, dyed a white blonde and let my skin get as light as it could. It still has that slight olive glow no matter how light (what can I say Native Blood tends to warm the skintone). I looked like a ghost with dark brown eyes. That didn't last long. I had Burgundy hair when I delivered my daughter. It's a statement to the world when your not afraid to bring a child into the world with purple hair...

In any event I'm delighted your in for a change or not whichever the case might be. I hope the adventuresome spirit continues. (Hugs)Indigo

Anybeth said...

I'm a natural very dark brunette. I've been blonde, blonde with black tips, blonde with short dreadlocks, every shade of red you can imagine, blonde on top in a sort of mohawk and black where it's shaved short.
Now it's just natural with occassional reddish highlights that don't look too weird. I'm a professional now. but when I retire..look out!

If I were you'd I'd wait until the colorist is feeling better, you don't want her to mess it up.

Addicted Rantings said...

It looks great! ~AR

Sarah said...

I say: GO BRUNETTES! We have way more fun.

Molls said...

Glad to hear AR approves! Hope you like it too. Sounds like a fun change.

Deb Adelsperger said...

Hi, I have missed your blogs, I hope you are well and that ypou will write again.